Romanian Brains

Bill Gates is investing 27 million dollars in Romanian public libraries.  This initiative is going to provide 235 libraries with computers with free access to the internet and Microsoft applications.  Librarians will benefit from free training in matters of computer use and they will advocate for the importance of free access to information for the development of the community.

Why am I using the word invest instead of donate? Because there are over 300 Romanians who work for Microsoft in various positions from programmers to group program manager, and Bill Gates probably felt the need to give something back to a community that gave him so much. And also, he’s investing in the potential of this community to give him valuable human assets in the future.

I’m not denying the greater good behind his investment. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does a great deal of philantropic work all over the world, which is to be admired and respected.

I wonder how many of these Romanians who work in the USA for one of the best employers are ashamed to say they are Romanians..


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