Uite cum am ajuns

Ce s-a intamplat cu nevoia oamenilor de a crede in ceva? Am intalnit atatia oameni care nu cred in nimic. Nici in Dumnezeu, nici in vreun zeu, nici in reincarnare, nici in fantome, nici in spirite, nici in spiritul naturii. Oameni care au ales sa nu aiba aceasta dimensiune spirituala deloc. Unii dintre ei nu mai cred nici in ei insisi. Si nici in ziua de maine. Si atunci se lasa dusi de un val haotic, fara o directie precisa, fara un scop anume, si fara a mai intelege de ce suntem aici, pe planeta asta.

Eu mereu am crezut ca dorinta omului de a crede in ceva este innascuta.  Oamenii, ori de unde ar fi ei in lumea asta mare, separati de oceane si de barierele de limba, au cautat mereu ceva in care sa creada. Aratati-mi un trib sau un popor care sa nu creada in nimic sau care sa nu se teama de vreo forta supranaturala.

Si totusi in zilele noastre, cumva, multi oameni s-au dezumanizat, si pentru ei nu mai conteaza decat sa le fie bine acum, aici. Iar uneori nici macar nu e vorba de un bine real, ci de o iluzie, data de frivolitati precum bunurile materiale, distractia, sau chiar drogurile. Nu se mai tem de nimic. Ei nu se tem de lege. Nici de o pedeapsa divina. Sau de a nu avea sansa unei vieti pline de sens.


Despre Univers asa cum este si cum ar putea fi

Acum doua seri ma uitam la Family Guy, episodul in care Stewie si Brian viziteaza diverse posibile universuri. Foarte amuzant! De exemplu universul in care toata lumea trebuie sa faca treaba mare acum, sau universul in care exista doar un om, care iti face mereu complimente, sau universul in care cainii sunt stapanii oamenilor. Nu stiu care a fost intentia acestui episod, sau daca a avut alta intentie pe langa acea de a amuza publicul, dar cu siguranta m-a pus pe ganduri.

Lumea asta in care traim, noi o luam asa cum e si nu mai apreciem nimic. De parca e normal sa fie asa si nu ar putea fi altfel. Dar totusi daca 1+1 nu ar fi 2? Daca in timpul adunarii ceva s-ar intampla si ar mai aparea inca 1, astfel incat 1+1 sa fie egal cu 3? Sau daca ar aparea un numar aleatoriu in plus de fiecare daca, care sa nu fie sub controlul nostru? Stiu ce o sa spuneti, pai de unde sa apara, ca doar nimic nu apare din senin. Dar daca in acel univers ar fi normal ca lucrurile sa apara din senin? Daca materia s-ar naste din nimic? Si iar imi veti spune imposibil. Da, imposibil in lumea noastra, pe care am invatat-o inca de cand ne-am nascut si pe care creierul nostru nu o poate percepe decat asa cum o percep simturile noastre.

Imaginati-va cum ar fi lumea fara regulile matematicii. Oare ar fi diforma? Cu toate formele si cantitatile si dimensiunile in continua schimbare haotica? Creierul meu nici nu poate sa conceapa asa ceva! Cum sa fie masa la care scriu de o forma si de dimensiuni ce se schimba mereu? Dar oare ar putea sa existe obiecte in primul rand? Atomii functioneaza intr-un mod foarte ordonat, dupa niste reguli foarte precise. Cum s-ar putea ca ceva sa existe fara aceste reguli? Ne-am intoarce probabil la acea supa primordiala din care cica se trag toti si toate. Pai si toate regulile astea au aparut din intamplare? Dintr-o descarcare electrica asupra unei supe organice intr-o atmosfera lipsita de oxigen?? Ia mai ganditi-va, ca eu refuz sa cred asa ceva.

Romanians at Hollywood

Whether you like Hollywood or not, you’ve got to admit that it’s a big thing, and it’s quite hard to get there. Yes, most of the films they make are toxic for the brain or just useless. But let’s not forget that some of them are true masterpieces. But anyway this is completely irrelevant to what this article is about. How many of you know that there are quite a few Romanian actors who played their part on the Hollywood scene, and they did it pretty well.

I’m not a movie person, but I will probably try to watch some of these films just to see how my compatriots did. 🙂

To make it easier to follow I’ll try to write it as a list:

Marcel Iures
Marcel Iures

Marcel Iures

In terview with a Vampire (1994)

Mission Impossible (1996)

The Peacekeeper (1997)


Harts War (2002)

Youth Without Youth

Maia Morgenstern
Maia Morgenstern

Maia Morgenstern

Passion of the Christ





Ion Caramitru
Ion Caramitru

Ion Caramitru


Citizen X

Mission Impossible


Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan

Law and Order

Red Doors

The Architect

The Covenant

Rachel Getting Married


Gossip Girl


Oana Pellea
Oana Pellea

Oana Pellea

Children of Men

I Really Hate My Job


Monica Barladeanu
Monica Barladeanu

Monica Barladeanu



Fall Down Dead


Maria Alexandra Lara
Maria Alexandra Lara

Maria Alexandra Lara

Der Untergang

I Really Hate My Job


Youth Without Youth




Bela Lugosi
Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi

Tod Browning’s Dracula

This is debatable as he was born in Lugoj, now a Romanian town that used to be part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire…




Johhny Weissmuller
Johhny Weissmuller

Johnny Weissmuller


The same thing applies to him..He was born in the Romanian city of Timisoara which at the time he was born, was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire..

A few words on Dracula and Vlad

Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes)

Dracula, the most famous symbol of Romania in the Western conscience, is not Romanian. May I say that some people will only now find out that Transylvania is a part of Romania, and not a mythical place or a country of its own. And why am I saying that Dracula is not Romanian? Easy answer. Because it came to life in the mind of an Irish writer called Bram Stoker, after reading quite a lot on  European folklore and stories of vampires.

It is known that the character of Dracula was to a certain extent based on the Wallachian ruler Vlad III, also known as the Impaler. But what intrigues me the most are the incosistencies that exist in the story, the differences between what is real and what is fiction, as these have created a big mess in the mind of the Westerners.

First of all, Vlad the Impaler was not known to drink people’s blood. He became infamous for his cruel methods of punishment, of which his favorite one was impaling the enemies of the country. Wallachia was being persistently attacked by the Ottomans (Turks), and Vlad made his best to defend his country, which gained him a high place in the Romanian history, and in European history as well, because if it hadn’t been for his efforts, the Turkish would have occupied a large part of Europe, and its culture and layout nowadays would probably  be different.

Secondly, Bran castle, which everybody calls Dracula’s castle, is not in fact Dracula’s castle. It is not even Vlad’s castle. The first documented mentioning of Bran Castle is the act issued by Louis I of Hungary on November 19, 1377, giving the Saxons of Kronstadt (Braşov) the privilege to build the stone citadel on their own expense and labor force. It is not even likely for Vlad to have used the castle as a residence since it belonged to a different country, Transylvania, which was under the control of Hungary. The only connection between Bran and Vlad was the fact that he used the  Bran Pass for his incursions in Transylvania, as it was relatively easy to cross the mountains through this point. Also, he was held captive in the castle for a couple of months when the Hungarian king thought Vlad had betrayed him.

Bran Castle
Bran Castle

What’s more, the castle is not even mentioned in Stoker’s book, so there is no reason to relate Bran castle to the character of Dracula.

Whereas Bran castle is situated on the border between Transylvania and Valachia, the castle that Stoker envisioned in his book was situated on the border between Transylvania and Moldova, in Tihuta Pass, near Bistrita. There is no castle there nowadays, but the legend is based on some mysterious ruins that still can be seen on the Rachitaua Peak.

There is a local legend that is passed from generation to generation, which says that Vlad Draculea saw the ruins during his travels and tried to uncover the treasure that was said to lay underneath. But the place was cursed, and Draculea made a pact with the Devil in order to finf the treasure. The Devil betrayed him and took all his powers away with the help of a beautiful maiden, so Draculea had to write with his own blood that he will give up on the treasure if he wants his powers back. He cursed the place, and ever since all kinds of strange things happen there to people who are looking for the treasure.

Vlad’s residence, that could be called Dracula’s castle by people who identify the two characters, is Cetatea Poienari, in Arges County. Unfortunately, not many people know about it, this being the reason why tourists are drawn towards other places such as Bran and Tihuta Pass.

These are only a couple of the false ideas that revolve around the myth of Dracula, but if you want to find out more, read Stoker’s novel and then read the history of Romania.

You will be amazed how much you don’t know about this amazing country! Google „Pasul Tihuta” to see images of the area that inspired Bram Stoker when he chose the location of Dracula’s castle. Also click here to access the official website of the Bran Castle.

For a guide to Sighisoara, the place where Vlad was born, click here.

Ice Hotel in Romania

Ice Hotel in Romania
Ice Hotel in Romania

Since 2006, all tourists that visit the Romanian mountains in winter time are invited to spend a night in the amazing Ice Hotel built every winter at Balea, in the Fagaras Mountains, at more than 2000 m altitude.

The hotel is completely carved in ice, and comprises 10 bedrooms, a restaurant, a bar and a church. It hosts various events such as concerts, parties and weddings.

What makes it special? Not only its beauty but also the fact that it is the only ice hotel in Central-Eastern Europe. One would expect to find an ice hotel in a northern country, that’s why this is a surprise for foreign tourists, especially for those who are not familiar with the geography of Romania.

So if you are not scared to sleep at -4 degrees Celsius, have a look at the links below to find out what else you can do in the area, and book a room now, if you are lucky enough to still find one available.

The Fagaras area is absolutely stunning in any season, and well worth visiting. But if you want to go for a ride on the Transfagarasan, and feel like Jeremy Clarkson, wait until the summer comes, as the road is closed during the cold season, due to snow hazard.

Ice Hotel Website

Balea Lac Chalet

Tourist Pictures

Photos of Fagaras Mountains

Description and photos from more than 25 trips in Fagaras

A murit Adrian Paunescu


Adrian Paunescu
Poetul Adrian Paunescu

A murit poetul nostru.. o mare pierdere pentru Romania, mai trista si mai dureroasa decat criza financiara, decat rusinoasa batalie dintre orbii astia ce ne conduc tara, si probabil la fel de trista ca si prostia si ignoranta in care traiesc mutli din romanii nostri, ec isi blestema tara in fiecare zi, si uita ca ei sunt parte din ea, si uita ca si ei ar putea face ca ea sa fie mai buna.

Si sper ca memoria lui, mereu vie, sa nu fie patata de sporovaieli mediatice. Si sper ca poezia lui, daca nu suficient de apreciata pana azi, sa fie citita cu luare aminte de acum, si inteleasa, si cei ce o citesc sa se simta umiliti si rusinati, in fata unei tari pe care acest om a iubit-o atat de mult, si de care cu totii ne batem joc.

Purtaţi-vă de grijă, fraţii mei,
Păziţi-vă şi inima, şi gândul,
De nu doriţi să vină anii grei,
Spitalul de urgenţă implorându-l.

Vă văd pe toţi mai buni şi mai umani,
Eu însumi sunt mai omenos în toate,
Dă-mi, Doamne, viaţă, încă nişte ani
Şi ţării mele minima dreptate.

Adrian Păunescu, 31 octombrie 2010, Bucureşti, Spitalul de Urgenţă

Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca in pace!

There Are No Cars In Romania


Recently a troglodyte that I’ve had the misfortune to know personally said that there are no cars in Romania and we all use the more rudimentary horse and cart.

Well my dear mentally hermetic aristocrat, you were wrong. We do have cars, and we actually produce cars that sell really well in Europe, as they are perfect product for the economic crisis (good quality, good price). Well, how clever are we??

Read this link if you need proof or just have a drive through Europe and look for Dacias.

Romania also had a factory that produced Aro, a 4×4 vehicle that sold well until the company was bought by the Texan company Cross Lander, which only bought it to annihilate it as they didn’t want competition.

The video above is not very representative of what the Romanian population drives, but those cars are in Romania, to your surprise.

And yes, there are horses and carts in Romania, in the countryside, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s not so good is that there are a bit too many of them, which shows a low level of life in the rural environment, but this is a different story that I will come back to.