There Are No Cars In Romania


Recently a troglodyte that I’ve had the misfortune to know personally said that there are no cars in Romania and we all use the more rudimentary horse and cart.

Well my dear mentally hermetic aristocrat, you were wrong. We do have cars, and we actually produce cars that sell really well in Europe, as they are perfect product for the economic crisis (good quality, good price). Well, how clever are we??

Read this link if you need proof or just have a drive through Europe and look for Dacias.

Romania also had a factory that produced Aro, a 4×4 vehicle that sold well until the company was bought by the Texan company Cross Lander, which only bought it to annihilate it as they didn’t want competition.

The video above is not very representative of what the Romanian population drives, but those cars are in Romania, to your surprise.

And yes, there are horses and carts in Romania, in the countryside, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s not so good is that there are a bit too many of them, which shows a low level of life in the rural environment, but this is a different story that I will come back to.



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