Rebirth of an Old Bag

I had to call in sick today. Not the best thing to do on your first week, but health comes first.
In my immense boredom I discovered my old „going-out” bag. It’s the bag that I always used to take with me on a night out. It’s small but spacious enough for everything a girl needs (phone, lip balm, bank card, coins, tissues and keys). Armed with this bag I went through my first year in Wales.
But then our friendship ended. I blame the bag, but I know that in fact it was me being shallow. Its faux leather had started to peel, plus I started dating Jon so he could carry all my things in his pockets. And all of a sudden I was bagless. It felt strange, it didn’t feel like I was a proper girl, especially when people asked me „where is your bag?”
But well…I found the bag, my old faithfull friend, which has witnessed me changing bank cards, lip balms and house keys (we’ve had some history together). It was inside of another bag, in the wardrobe, hiding its ugliness. But I’ve always had big plans for this bag. My intention has always been to transform it once it loses its shine.
And today the makeover of my bag has begun.

Stay tuned, as the changes will be drastic.

Today I have added a nice flower to it.. but the day is not over yet, and I’ve got nothing else to do (but house cleaning, which I’ll skip as I’m ill) but adorn my bag with beads.

The old bag saga has begun


Day One


Ce am mai facut in ultima vreme

Nimeni nu m-a intrebat, dar am blog si scriu ce vreau 🙂

Am inceput un serviciu nou, si nu prea imi place, de fapt ce mai, il urasc, dar nu am de ales deocamdata, am nevoie de salariu si nu sunt mult posturi disponibile nicaieri..

Am aflat ca uniunea europeana nu are nevoie de noi traducatori romani asa ca nu organizeaza competitii pt limba roamana anul asta, dupa toate pregatirile sufletesti si mentale pe care le-am facut. Poate la anul..

De asemenea am aflat ca serviciul de interpretariat si traduceri al Tarii Galilor face greseli, ca tot omul, si nu ma considera de aruncat, doar ca mai trebuie sa astept un an, pt ca nu sunt decat de 2 ani aici.

Am ajutat la reparat de boilere, am evitat sala, am facut prea multa curatenie si mancare, l-am ascultat pe Jon bucurandu-se sau enervandu-se pe jocul lui de F1, si am facut bijuterii si traduceri.

Cam atat. Nimic special.

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Ei iata ca m-am decis si eu sa arat si altora unul din hobby-urile mele. Unul din motivele pt care nu m-am prea dat mare cu asta pana acum e pt ca am crezut ca e un hobby copilaros, dar uite ca nu mai cred asta, de ce sa fie copilaros? Ba e frumos si destul de terapeutic, ma relaxeaza si este o portita pentru anumite tensiuni interioare.
Am si norocul ca unora le plac bijou-urile pe care le fac si vor sa le cumpere, asa ca acum ma dau mare (dar nu foarte mare, ca nu am cu ce).