Music from the Romanian Heaven

Gheorghe Zamfir
Image via Wikipedia

Gheorghe Zamfir, the king of the pan flute, what an absolutely outstanding artist!

He has modified this instrument and enlarged just to be able to render as many sounds as possible, and became worldwide famous for his music, which was new to the European ears. The pan flute is a traditional instrument in Romania.

Gheorghe Zamfir’s music is appreciated at a global scale, and he has performed on some of the greatest stages of the world!

He has been awarded the Vatican Medal by Pope John Paul the II, The Gold Medal of the Arts Academy of France, he has been made Knight of Honour in France, and he has received many other awards and distinctions all over the world.

He received 4 Platinum Discs in New Zeeland, Gold Discs in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland and Netherlands.
He has sold over 700 million copies in the whole world.

His music is part of the soundtracks for Karate Kid, Once Upon a Time in America and Kill Bill.

If you haven’t listened to his music before, do so, it’s not too late to teach your ears true music.


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