French Comedian Making Jokes about Romanians

Not long ago, I listened to the Romanian news and they were talking about this French comedian, Jamel Debouzze, who thought it appropriate, or probably didn’t think at all when he made a racist joke about Romanians. He said that the French national football team should have a Romanian coach, who would say „I beg you please give me the ball, it’s for my poor children”.

I think this is in bad taste, but it also proves how little this person knows about Romania. If he had any clue, he would probably know a bit more about the origin of the people begging on the streets of Paris, about how most Romanians have a great work ethic, high moral standards, and many of us actually study at the best universities in Paris. Also if he had a clue, he would know that one of the prime spots in Paris, that attracts millions of visitors every year, is dedicated to a Romanian – Constantin Brancusi. If he had a clue, he would know that the kneeling statue in the Madeleine metro station was made by Brancusi, and no, it doesn’t represent a beggar, but it’s a personification of the act of praying. And the same Brancusi has decorated the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris with a sculpture – The Kiss. And if he took the time to learn something about Romanians, he would probably know that one of our greatest poets – Mihai Eminescu – has a statue in Paris, next to the Orthodox Church on the Jean de Beauvais street.

Oh, and since he’s an actor, he’s probably heard of the great playwright Eugen Ionescu, also a Romanian, who lived in Paris, who’s one of the greatest representatives of the theatre of the absurd and whose plays have been played in Paris for over 50 years.

And this man definitely doesn’t know that the Eiffel tower, the most famous of the Parisian monuments, is made of Romanian steel. Yes, Romanian.

What also upsets me is how irresponsible people like him are. It’s unbelievable how little they care about the responsibility they have as public persons. They are on TV or on the radio, delivering opinions to millions of people, surely they should think at least twice before they launch such statements. They are popular people, and the public tends to believe them and assimilate their attitudes, so they should take greater care when it comes to words.

I’ve always believed in the principle „don’t talk about something if you don’t know anything about it”. It just saves you looking like an ignorant fool.

And what gobsmacked me the most is that this comes from a Marrocan guy who lives in France, and I’d expect more open mindness from such a person. But well..


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