Don’t Read the Blog If…

  • you think you are always right
  • you think your country is the best
  • you think latin people include South America, Italy and Spain only, and there is no way you give up this conviction
  • you think you belong to a superior race
  • you argue without bringing arguments
  • you think freedom of expression includes f words
  • you think Romanians are Russians
  • you think Romanians are all gypsies
  • you have the impulse to jump to photoblog section first thing after you access the blog

Un gând despre &8222;Don’t Read the Blog If…&8221;

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I have been to Romania and truly enjoyed the people of Romania and your culture. I have always told my friends in order to understand the world you must leave your country and go visit other cultures and countries.

    It is sad that Romanians get a bad reputation due to some bad apples. I plan on returning and do some sight seeing in the spring.



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