The Small Print

The Coat of arms of Romania
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Why am I blogging about Romania in English?

A great percentage of the world population understands English. Romanians learn it in schools, so they won’t have problems with reading this blog. But this is targeted at people with preconceived ideas about Romanians, and they can’t read Romanian.

Why do I live abroad if  I love Romania so much?

Because I’m taking advantage of something that people have fought for: freedom of movement. I’m very open minded and I like to experiment new ways of life, and interact with different cultures. I didn’t come to the UK to steal your jobs or your men (as in some instances I’ve been accused), but because I am not afraid of new things.

Would I live in the UK forever?


Why am I bothering with this?

Because I’m angry at the bad image that everybody creates for Romania. They are not aware that every little thing they say about my country will have an impact on its image. What I want is to show people how wrong it is to talk about something you don’t know. If while reading this someone will have a revelation, then this blog won’t be in vain.


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